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IMTP was founded by Paul “Computer Paul” Henton a forty year veteran reggae musician/ producer in January 2016, after recognizing the great need for formal training and development in the technical aspects of the recording industry. This need was evident, especially after seeing that most of the available offerings were from overseas, and highly out of the financial scope of most aspiring Jamaican students. 


A training program with a suitably crafted curriculum was designed to facilitate students with different levels of prior academic qualifications, therefore ensuring that anyone with the will to learn who was a high school graduate could be eligible to participate and graduate to become a productive asset to our Jamaican recording industry. IMTP has turned out several young students, and we are very proud of their achievements, as many have gone on to work for others within the industry or have started their own independent businesses. 


Students are offered courses in Audio Engineering (Analog & Digital), Protools, Beatmaking, Music theory and Production techniques. These courses are taught hands on and are primarily delivered in a state of the art studio environment. This approach has significantly shortened the learning curve and has peaked the interest and determination to learn by our students. 


The year 2020 has significantly impacted our industry and because of the new social distancing laws we have taken advantage of the available technology and have started offering online classes via Zoom. Although somewhat challenging for some students, we have no choice but to embrace this protocol moving forward, and continue to strive in preparation for a brighter future. We look forward to serving you in developing your goals in this wonderful field of audio engineering.


IMTP slogan: The Future of Reggae.

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